Friday, 6 March 2009

I'm going to see friggin Tina!

O my fleckin G! I am going to see the legs in the flesh next Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is all.......


  1. WOW!!!!! where?? when?? i'm big time jealous-she'll be stunning! she's gotto be the ultimate 'older bird'! what a ledgand, but an actual genuine legend!

    i swear i'm not on hear constantly, jus good timin is all, do you believe a word i say cc?!

    elrossiter x x x x x x

  2. At theArena next Thurs- just won ticket. Asked me mam to come with me. I know, what a legend! I also won GLC tix for me and Kate Mon just because you know we've seen them before and why not. You're not always on here, I would have noticed cause I'm always on here har har x

  3. ha ha ha i should've known!!! can you win me tickets for prodigy or somethin please cc?! how was the old opera by the way?


    elrossiter X X X X X X

  4. I will try- not seen any for them yet but the show isn't for a while. The opera was gooood- very tragic. xxx