Friday, 6 March 2009

I'm going to see friggin Tina!

O my fleckin G! I am going to see the legs in the flesh next Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is all.......

Saturday, 21 February 2009


I am thoroughly satisfied with my day which doesn't happen very often.... unfortunatly. I nearly defecated myself whilst riding in a cable car which looked ridiculously high once I was on it but perfectly safe and pleasant looking from below. Nevermind, after I got over the initial 'OMG, I'm gonna be sick' stage, it finished and I was able to get off and start dreading the journey back down. I then ate a pretty poor excuse for a hot dog and got mildly irritated by an eastern european retro goddess who didn't know how to queue but looked so amazing that I let her off. We then ventured into the caves which was nice and dark and slippy and full of nagging kids. I looked up and got a big drip of cave juice in by eye which distracted me for the rest of the tour until a little boy went up to the guide during her speel and said 'excuse me, I need a wee'.
The way back down was less stressful plus my boyfriend kindly decided not to film the look of horror on my face like he did on the way up. The journey home was long but there were some amusements and a rather splendid sunset to view along the way.